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HR Cooperative - Grass Fed Beef

HR Grass Fed Beef is the best Grass fed beef you’ll ever eat!

The Hollister Ranch is 14,500 acres located in central Santa Barbara County along the Gaviota Coast. 

Established in 1973, the HR Cooperative has been raising cattle on the Hollister Ranch for over 35 years. Graced with grass-rich coastal terraces and steep, oak-studded canyons, cattle have been run here since the time of Jose Ortega in 1794. We use traditional methods with a modern twist; herd management is conducted in the old ways, with cowboys on horseback and herding dogs. But now there is much more attention paid to keeping the rangeland healthy and raising animals that will produce healthy, tender and flavorful beef.

With over 20 major pastures across the Ranch, our cattle can be moved around to take advantage of the best grass conditions throughout the year. They always have plenty of room to roam, clean water to drink, and a variety of natural plants to graze. We also take great care when we move or handle our animals to keep them as stress-free as possible.

Rangeland stewardship and our excellent animal husbandry practices is part of what produces the best tasting, most tender healthy beef you can buy!
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